Franklin Well Services, LLC. is proud to be the only full-service well servicing company in the Tri-State area. We offer a complete line of drilling fluids, cementing services, fracturing treatments, and acidizing. We are capable of blending acids specific to our customers' needs, as well as offering cement blends unique to Franklin. Please take a look at what products and services we currently offer.


Franklin has a bulk facility capable of blending and loading any type of acid blend. We can blend regular acids with any additive needed.

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Franklin has a full line of fluid fracturing systems and keeps several A.P.I. sand sizes on hand.

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Franklin has many Class "A" based cement systems blends with all of the basic A.P.I. additives, as well as specialty blends.

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Drilling Fluids

Franklin offers an extensive line of drilling fluid materials. Some of the products that we offer include weighting materials, viscosifiers, dispersants and thinners, lubricants and surfactants, and loss circulation materials.

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