Drilling Fluids Services

At Franklin Well Service, LLC., we offer a full line of A.P.I. certified Baroid drilling fluid systems and additives, as well as the collective knowledge and experience of our drilling fluid engineers and management team. Our goal is to provide our clients a competitively priced fluid package and demonstrate our commitment to the word "service" in our name.

"Job Specific" drilling fluid programs

When building a program to fit your application, we will work with you through the entire exploration project to build a fluid package that will consider all of the following items:

  • Cost
  • Zone protection
  • Well bore integrity
  • Rate of penetration
  • Equipment protection
  • Cutting integrity/quality
  • Environmental impact

Our lab, extensive knowledge of Baroid chemicals and additives, and our extensive knowledge/experience drilling in the Illinois Basin give us the ability to provide you a fluid and drilling program specific to your needs.

Technical Support Advantage

Franklin offers you the highest level of technical support in the Illinois Basin as part of your fluid packages. Our drilling fluid engineers are highly skilled and receive drilling fluid training, including "Mud School" in Houston, Texas. They have knowledge specific to the Illinois Basin to help you maintain fluid with optimum properties and prepare for potential challenges in "real time" while drilling.

We offer drilling fluid service packages that range from complimentary daily checks to 24 hour on-site direct support.

  • Complimentary checks – includes checking fluid once daily to ensure fluid properties are consistent with recommendations and make adjustments as needed to maintain well bore and drilling characteristics. Our engineers also offer direct support and problem solving suggestions to you through any challenges that may arise while actively drilling.
  • On-site support – Franklin will station a drilling fluid engineer on location with living quarters and lab to provide you with "around the clock" direct support through your entire exploration project.
  • Zone-specific support includes direct support through a specific zone or depth that potential drilling challenges may be present.

These are just general service options available to you. Contact Franklin Well Services, LLC. and let us help design a service package tailored to your specific project.

Electronic data recording

Franklin's drilling fluid engineers all use computer software for "Daily Mud Reports" and offer digital copies (as well as hard copies) of all well reports to our clients for their convenience.

Let us provide you the best drilling fluid program for all of your exploration projects.

  • Commitment to the word "service" in our name – Ensures you receive the highest level of service any time, all the time.
  • Baroid A.P.I. certified drilling fluid additives – Provides you with high quality drilling fluid through your entire drilling/exploration project.
  • Job specific fluid packages – Gives you access to a custom designed program and optimize drilling/exploration results.
  • True technical support – Provides you guidance and solutions for your exploration project from our engineers and support personnel.
  • Digital data recording and reporting – Allows you to easily record and track properties and trends for all of your exploration projects.