Cementing Products

Franklin Well Services, LLC. has many Class "A" based cement systems blends with all of the basic A.P.I. additives, including the following:

  • Fluid Loss Additive
  • Dispersant
  • Viscosity Reducer (Turbulent Inducer)
  • Defoamers Powder and Liquid
  • Bentonite Gel
  • Cal-Seal
  • Kolite LCM
  • Gilsonite LCM
  • Pol-E-Flake LCM

We also have many specialty blends, such as:

  • FRC (Thixotropic Blend) - Expanding System
  • FSS (Franklin Salt System) - Expanding System
  • FAS (Franklin Fast Setting Cement) - Sets up as soon as immobilized
  • FHY-1 (Franklin High Yield 1) - Has a 3.2 cf/sk yield. A cost effective filler system with around 400 psi compressive strength
  • FHY-2 (Franklin High Yield 2) - Has a 2.7 cf/sk yield. A filler system with a compressive strength around 550 psi.