Special Products Technical Sheets

Injection Well "Super Clean Service"

Over time, pressure on Injection Wells and Disposal Wells continues to build as water is injected. Normally the waters being injected are from a combination of different producing zones. Co-mingling of these waters will usually result in the precipitation of scales close to the well bore. As the scale continues to precipitate, the injection pressure continues to build.

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MIT Packer Fluid

MIT Packer Fluid is a viscous, safe fluid that can be placed in the annulus to isolate small casing leaks. MIT fluid is a rigid zirconium cross linked fluid that will remain stable in the annulus until you have to change out the tubing or packer. Being a viscous gel, it prevents intrusion into the casing leak when pressure is applied. We have seen the gel circulated from the hole four years later, and it looks like we just pumped it in.

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Water Block Service

High water production in oil wells can be very expensive in terms of disposal and corrosion to down hole tubular equipment. In some cases, the high fluid levels in the annulus, which is associated with high water production, could be restricting oil production.

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