Fracturing Services

Our fracturing services have grown tremendously in recent years due to the advancement in fracturing technologies and demand of services. We have invested in higher volume and higher pressure equipment needed to do the most advanced treatments. We can perform the high rate Slick Water, linear gel, and Borate Cross link as low as 15 ppt load rate. We stock regular Guar, HPG, and CMHPG. We normally keep on hand 100 Mesh, 40/70 Mesh, 20/40 Mesh, and 12/20 Mesh, along with various synthetic proppants.

All of our sands are A.P.I. spec with the manufacturing plant spec sheet on hand, and we can do A.P.I. sieve testing on location when requested. We have PropSet-210, a Franklin Well Services, LLC. additive for sand flow back control that is a unique surfactant base that changes the ionic charge of the sand grains. It also makes them clump together, and helps retain them in the fracture, to prevent proppant from producing back with the fracturing fluid.