At Franklin Well Services, LLC., we offer a complete line of oil field services. Our services include matrix acidizing, cementing, fracturing, drilling fluids, nitrogen, and coil tubing. Our equipment is manufactured within our company, built for easy access to difficult locations, as well as fast rig up. We offer the most experienced employees servicing the Illinois Basin.


We have several acidizing units capable of small low rate and pressure jobs to large high pressure jobs.

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Our fracturing services have grown tremendously in recent years due to the advancement in fracturing technologies and demand of services. We have invested in higher volume and higher pressure equipment needed to do the most advanced treatments.

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We have many recirculating cement mixer/pumpers complete with NRD Micro Motion monitoring devices to monitor slurry density for the most consistent slurry possible.

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Drilling Fluids

At Franklin, we offer a full line of A.P.I. certified Baroid drilling fluid systems and additives, as well as the collective knowledge and experience of our drilling fluid engineers and management team. Our goal is to provide our clients a competitively priced fluid package and demonstrate our commitment to the word "service" in our name.

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We have a small nitrogen fleet of a fired high rate nitrogen pumper and a mini transport.

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Coil Tubing

We have a new truck-mounted coil tubing unit being delivered by the end of the second quarter of 2013, capable of running 1.25 inch and 1.75 inch tubing.

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